I adore lace, and really luv it on paper but I was so tired of constantly searching for my colors etc. so I took a bite at making my own! So easy to do, and could apply to more than just fabric lace. It all started w/a large piece of lace fabric I had lying around (I am so bad a throwing things like that out - I hang on to almost all fabrics!!) I antiqued the lace a bit w/a distressing ink, sprayed an 8x10 piece of chipboard w/adhesive and stretched the lace over same. Once dried, I scanned it into computer and how happy was I!!!! There are a few samples in my gallery if you want to check it out. I have used this in layouts for die cuts- it also looks great printed on transparent paper (if you do use the transparent, be sure to make adjustments to your color - it will print darker than you think - I recommend doing a few test runs w/the colors and 1 sheet of paper to get the feel of it).

Well anyway, I hope someone finds it as useful/inspiring as I did, and if you do please feel free to share -Happy !! :)