Making your own rub-ons! (discovered after lots of trial and error and with all the info I gathered from many neighbors here...)

... this is what I found out.

1) Use ink-jet transparencies for your ink-jet printer
2) print on the shiny side, not the grainy side. The instructions on the package say to print on the grainy side, but that is only if you DON'T want to rub-off the image/word.
3) Print on the plain paper setting, not the transparency setting.
4) Print using "enhanced" color - (the better quality, not the better speed) setting on your printer - especially for words.
5) let it DRY!!! before trying to rub-on to your paper. At least 5 minutes, but I am not sure how long is too long.
6) very carefully place the transparency on the paper (could still be wet) and rub. I found the back of a spoon much easier than the popcicle stick - more surface area to rub with! Several others have said to use your embossing stylus - I haven't tried it yet but I'll bet it works well on smaller things.
7) you can re-use these transparencies - just wipe with a wet paper towel and you are good to go.

I have also used vellum. All you do is type what you want and print it out backwards! WARNING! Color ink does NOT work! I have also done pictures, you just print it out backwards! then rub. It is a great way to use those ugly pieces of pv.