Elegant Wedding Album

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Article courtesy of Scrapjazz.com: by Andrea Steed

When my brother-in-law got married I was asked to preserve his wedding day in a scrapbook album. As I gathered photographs and planned the design of the album, I tried to imagine what type of design would match my new sister-in-law's classic, elegant style. The simple, uniform design that I used was a big hit and was very easy to complete. Here's how I approached creating this elegant 8" x 8" wedding album.


Start with an outline. Jot down an outline of the pages you want to include in the album. Keep in mind the photographs available as you organize the album into a story that will unfold with each turn of the page. Include photographs of key *players* in the wedding ceremony and the major events of the day. Here is a sample outline of a wedding album:

Cover Page - couple together
The Dress - wedding dress on a hanger, bride getting ready
The Bride
The Groom
Ring Bearer
The Mothers - bride with her mother, groom with his mother
The Fathers - bride with her father, groom with his father
Our Guests - guests signing the guestbook
Our Wedding Vows
Husband and Wife - bride and groom candid just after the ceremony
First Dance
The Reception - decorations and reception room
Cutting the Cake
Tossing the Bouquet
Tossing the Garter
Decorating the Car
The Getaway
The Beginning - bride and groom kissing


Choose photographs. Choose photos that support the theme of each page in your outline. Limit yourself to one photo per page and choose the one photograph that best represents the theme. While it's tempting to include several similar photos, a single photo has a huge impact.

Sketch a layout design. For this elegant design, simple is key. I used the same format for every page: a black background, a square photo in black and white, a red photo mat, a vellum border backed in gray cardstock, and a title created in gray and white lettering. A uniform design will allow the photographs to be the main attraction on each page.

Choose a color scheme. In a wedding album, you will typically want to use a color scheme that complements the colors of the wedding. Most weddings have one or two main colors in their color scheme. For this album, I used black and white as the basic colors and then added red and silver accents to match the wedding party. Even though the photographs are black and white, the album still fits the color scheme from their wedding, making it match their memories of the day.

Create the page elements. Once you have an outline, sketch and color scheme, you're ready to begin creating the page elements. Since each page is nearly identical, you can easily use an assembly-line style of creation. For instance, crop all of the photos to the same size first. Next cut photo mats for each photograph. Then cut each border. Finally, begin assembling the titles. In this case, the letters are die cuts, so all of the letters for the album had to be cut ahead of time. If you're using a font instead, you'll want to print all of your titles in this phase of creating the album.

Assemble the album. All that's left now is to assemble the pieces to create your elegant wedding album. Using your sketch as a guide, simply glue the elements to the page to complete the album.

This style of album makes a wonderful gift, but is also a beautiful way to display your own wedding photos in an elegant album fit for display.








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