Mini Album Idea: Toilet Paper Rolls

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Article Courtesy by Stacy Milford

In these trying economic times, many of us are looking for ways to keep those creative juices flowing without breaking the bank.  I came across this great idea for a mini album and was intrigued enough that I just had to give it a try myself!  The toilet-paper-roll mini album is a great way to recycle, easy on the budget and fun to make.  Here’s the mini album I created using empty toilet paper rolls:

Step 1.  The first step in creating a mini album using toilet paper rolls is to collect the empty toilet paper rolls.  It’s very easy to do and a fun way to get the whole family involved; I got quite a bit of teasing along the way, but in the end, my family enjoyed the finished album.  Each empty roll makes one page in the mini album, front and back.

Step 2.  After collecting the empty toilet paper rolls, you are ready to flatten them.  Once the roll is flattened, use a bone folder or ruler along both edges to get a good crease.  Place the flattened rolls under heavy books at least overnight as the rolls will tend to stay somewhat rounded.

Step 3.  Now it is time to choose a theme for your mini album, as well as deciding on photos, patterned papers and other embellishments.  Keep in mind that this mini album only measures 2 ½” x 4”.  I chose to create a mini album about our San Diego vacation and printed mini-sized photos in black and white.

Step 4:  Wrap each flattened toilet paper roll with cardstock or patterned papers of your choice and secure with a permanent adhesive.  Because I slid tags into each of my flattened rolls for journaling, I found that stapling the left side of each roll helped with creating the “pocket” for the tag.

Step 5:  Create a cover for your album and then add your photos and other chosen embellishments to finish each page.  The black-and-white photos were so easy to work with and helped tie the album together.

Step 6:  After completing your cover and pages, punch a small hole in the upper left corner of each toilet paper roll.  I used a paper hole punch, but found it to be quite difficult to get through all layers of each roll.  I would suggest using a hole punch and hammer if the regular paper hole punch doesn’t work for you.

Step 7:  Secure all pages with a 1-inch metal ring.  Add ribbons to finish it off.  Don’t forget to journal on the tags!

Step 8:  Share your toilet-paper-roll mini album with friends and family.  Be sure to upload your mini album to the Scrapjazz gallery so we can all see it too!



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