10 Layout Ideas: All About a Boy

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Maegan Hall

When I was younger I always said that I never wanted a son. I would then follow up with, "I mean, how would I play with him? I don't know anything about Tonka trucks!" In 2001, my first son was born and I catch myself still wondering how to approach things that are "all boy" when I'm a complete diamond-encrusted "girly-girl." Here are 10 ideas that I hope will spark your own creativity in documenting the boy in your life.

Tell the truth.  I have a bold sense of humor and anyone who reads my journaling knows that I am blatantly honest. In this layout I told it like it is and expressed that I do not completely understand how boys think.

Use a nursery rhyme.  I saw this picture of my son's rendition of a KISS concert and thought, "What a boy!" Instantly the old rhyme came into my head and I love the visual expression of an old classic. And, the products matched his shirt.

His dreams.  For quite some time during the Lord of the Rings releases, my son decided he wanted to fight for the city. The cute part was that he was seriously considering it. He had a plan to have friends join him with axes and everything.


Childhood friends. ("My Buddy & Me) - I still remember the neighborhood kids I played with as a child; I only wish that somebody had taken a picture of us. Although this layout is about more than a childhood friend, it is now priceless to me. We didn't know that Trevor would move away a few years later. The boys were destined to be and remain friends as I am best friends with his mother, but this photo of their chubby cheeks and pet names for each other makes me cry.

His fears or concerns. My son went through a phase of constantly asking about death, pain, heaven, etc. You could even see it in his photographs. I wanted to record his struggle so that one day he could look back and see his defeat of those same fears!

"There is more than meets the eye."  What are some untold or unseen characteristics, habits, favorites or words that are only revealed when the two of you are home alone? Write them down now, for they will quickly change!

Quote him. I never thought I'd forget the moment when my son tried to convince an entire pool party that pink boats can be for boys. But, I did forget. I'm so glad I found this layout again to remind me of my very clever and boundary-breaking son. And I'm glad that he is now humiliated by it.

Boy toys.  What are the toys that your son or nephew loves but a girl might not be as excited about? I love this gender-happy layout about the toys that I was terrified of and my son immediately embraced without anyone teaching him. My sons just knew from the beginning that vehicles make engine noises. I never taught them that.

Tug at your heartstrings. How do you feel about your little guy? Sometimes do you just look at him in awe? Are you amazed by how much he looks like his dad? Write it down; embrace the moment. I feel like I need to post this one on my fridge to remind me to slow down and love on my sons.

Your hopes and dreams. What are your desires for the boy in your life? I used a poem on my layout that expressed how I was feeling at the time when I saw his candle illuminate his face. Also, notice I used flowers on a boy layout. Yes, you can too!



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