Tristanrobin's Reviews

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    Super Creamy Easy to Use Distresser (01 May 2015)

    I got this because because I wasn't able to get my everyday go-to distress ink pad (Tim Holtz's Vintage Photo Distress Ink). What a terrific substitute. It's very easy to use - comes with it's own pad an handle and the ink is super creamy and rich in color. The distressing possibilities are endless. I don't do a lot of rubber stamping, but the little I've done with it has come out beautifully. It *does* take a minute or two to dry - but that's a small price to pay ... speaking of price - these are very inexpensive, and very juicy so they'll last a long time.

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    One of the Best of the Gold Imitation Sprays (01 May 2015)

    I use a lot of gold sprays and have tried almost all of the brands. I have my favorites - and this one is quickly becoming my all-time favorite. It really produces a lovely metal-sheen that doesn't appear to be spray, but actual metal. I also like the bottle and spray mechanism that Prima packages their Bloom sprays in - they're especially easy to use and handle -and the little safety catch means that it's almost impossible for you to accidentally spray it when you didn't mean to!
    Highly recommended!

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    Excellent Embellishments at a Reasonable Price (24 April 2014)

    I got several packages of these, and I'm quite happy with them. By painting the cork, it makes these look like glass domes on a base, and you can build tiny vignettes in them to use in shadow boxes, diaramas, Configuration boxes, etc. I thought they were quite inexpensive, considering you get four in a pack - and there's a lot of opportunity to use them in a variety of ways. They also make terrific specimen display domes for small bones, flowers, etc.

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    Lovely Embellishments Die (06 March 2014)

    Really easy to use - the directions state that it may be necessary to run the dies through the machine 2 or 3 times because they're so small and intricate - but they passed and cut the first time through in both my Vagabond and BigKick.

    The only reason I didn't give it a five is because each die only makes 1/4 of a rosette, so you need four passes to make one full rosette (I prefer the longer Tim Holtz rosette dies which make one complete rosette) - but they're very pretty - and remarkably small, which makes them unique and quite versatile.

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    One of My Favorites (19 September 2013)

    Okay. I'll be honest. I haven't actually used these borders yet. But, I've used many other pieces in the Pink Paislee Artisan Collection Resist Elements. I love them! They accept sprays of all kinds beautifully, and the resist is very strong. I usually don't even need to "help it along" with a baby wipe! Strongly recommend!

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    Pretty Embellishment (19 September 2013)

    I don't know what else one can ask of an embellishment - it's well made and is absolutely beautiful. I plan on using on a 3-D mixed media project - but there are dozens of possibles uses! The whole line is lovely.

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    Terrific Stencil! (19 September 2013)

    Intricate stencil made of material that somehow sort of clings to the paper so that sprays and mists don't get under it and make splotches easily. I love it. I only got it this week and it's already one of my favorite stencils - right up there with Dylusions and Tim Holtz's stencils!

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    Easy-As-Pie Embellishment (19 September 2013)

    I love pleated paper accents in some of my mixed media pieces, but it's such a drag getting out the sewing machine and taking the time to make them. These are well made and beautifully constructed. I'm proud to use them on my work!

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    Another High Quality and Good Value Buy! (11 June 2013)

    These canvas die-cuts are beautifully made - the resist is applied in a very careful and well-crafted way - and the results after misting is terrific. I've also tried using Ranger Distress Inks on them, and it works really well, getting several colors on one die cut.

    They're also very reasonably priced, as the package is pretty full of pieces!

    A good value!

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    Good Quality - and Value. (11 June 2013)

    Value - in the a review about Anna Griffin?! Yes, I know, that though the Anna Griffin lines are known for their elegance and quality construction, they've always been on high end of the craft supply list. But these ribbons/stickers are lovely and quite reasonably priced. I got several packs of them and expect to get a lot of use out of them at Christmas time. One of the prints I probably won't use, as it's not my style - but I STILL think that it's a good value, even not using one of the rolls.

    ... and, as I said, it's high quality and elegant stuff.

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    Great Idea! (04 April 2013)

    These are such a good idea - I'm surprised nobody came up with them already! Excellent for shadow boxes, configuration boxes, or any two-or-three dimensional object you want to hang a little treasure from.

    I only got two packages of these - need more already!

    Tim Holtz comes up with the coolest products!

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    Fun Miniature Jars Filled With Wishbones (04 April 2013)

    Adorable pieces - work as they are - or wishbones can be removed and used individually and the jar filled with something else.

    I used one in a Tim Holtz configurations box - and have lots of plans for the other two I bought.

    Unusual and quality Holtz product.

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    Quality Product (04 April 2013)

    These hinges are, not only lovely, but well-made and very functional. Another great Holtz design!

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    Romantic and Vintage Embellishments (04 April 2013)

    Romantic images and vintage ephemera printed on quality cardstock - really lovely embellishments for projects and easy to coordinate with other embellishments.

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    Beautiful! (04 April 2013)

    The alphabet stickers from Graphic 45 are always nice - but this new line really has beautiful alphabets - romantic and vintage and very country French.

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    Quality Chipboard Tags (04 April 2013)

    Lovely artwork on quality chipboard - very nice finish. Easy to integrate into projects and combine with other embellishments.

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    Terrific Embellishments (04 April 2013)

    Although simple, the patterns on these various flower parts all coordinate beautifully and make complicated looking, but actually easy to construct, embellishments.

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    Graphic 45 Products Always Attractive (04 April 2013)

    Again, this new line from Graphic 45 really adds panache and romance to any project. Quality materials and artwork.

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    Lovely Sticker Art Work (04 April 2013)

    Quality materials and genuinely lovely images.

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    Tim Holtz Idea-ology Light Bulbs (06 September 2012)

    Clever embellishments for mixed media projects.

    I wish they came in more than the two sizes - but as they are, they're very useful in collage, assemblage, and - of course - in Tim Holtz' transfiguration boxes.

    I use ALOT of these - I dread the day when they stop making them! I hope they're very popular and will be in production for years to come!

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    Petit Carnet Voyage Mini-Notebook Set (06 September 2012)

    These are sweet little journals. Perfect to use for a two week stay in Paris!

    I plan on altering mine and making collages inside, but for now they're sitting in my studio looking oh-so-very French.

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    Tim Holtz Fractured Dolls (06 September 2012)

    I have always liked using "Frozen Charlottes" in my mixed media work - but they're getting harder to find - and more expensive when they are available.

    These are the perfect alternative. They're extremely lightweight plastic, so they don't really seem like the real deal until they're glued into a project; then, it's hard to tell the difference.

    They tend to be a little too shiny - but some inking takes cares of that - my only complaint (if it's really a complaint) is that they only come in the two sizes. These are the perfect sizes for using in Tim Holtz transfiguation boxes - but a slightly larger size for other uses would be nice.

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    Junkyard Gears (06 September 2012)

    These are terrific for mixed media work - they are large enough to be seen after incorporating into work and light enough not to be a problem with adhesion.

    They also blend very well with gears and sprockets by Tim Holtz - as well as "real" watch gears and parts.

    It should also be noted they are very reasonably priced.

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    Lovely Papers (18 April 2012)

    Perfect for nostalgic and vintage-look projects. Good quality paper and quality printing.