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Brush Lettering 101 with Kelly Creates

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Kelly Klapstein, the brilliant and artistic mind behind Kelly Creates for American Crafts, introduces you to the tools and techniques in the amazingly beautiful world of brush lettering! Full Description.
Students: 10,247
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Lesson 1: Kelly's Creative Journey to Brush Lettering

In this introductory lesson, Kelly Klapstein, (well known in the crafting world as Kelly Creates) shares the deep roots of her scrapbooking and crafting background and how she transformed her many creative passions into a career! Learn all about the calming and relaxing connections Kelly makes with pen and paper, and the delightful story of how "Kelly Creates" was coined (hint: it involves!). Join us as teacher, writer, designer, and artist Kelly Creates shares her beautiful artistic techniques in brush lettering, hand lettering, and modern calligraphy!

Duration: 05:20

Lesson 2: Tools of the Trade: Getting Started with Brush Pens and Workbooks

Let Kelly introduce you to pens you've only ever dreamed about: Dream Pens! Learn about all the ways that these pens are different from any ordinary pens and why they create perfection with every upstroke and downstroke in brush lettering. Also, explore a variety of brush tip pens, gorgeous metallic jewel pens, and Aqua Brushes with real bristle tips for brilliant watercolor effects. Get lost in the flowing beauty of every letter as we're immersed in learning the font styles, the difference between bouncy and classic lettering, the 8 basic strokes that make up the brush lettering alphabet, and what letters are the easiest to start with (hint: it's not a-b-c). Also, Kelly lets us in on a little secret about the right paper to use when creating brush letter beauty for the best results! 

Duration: 10:42

Lesson 3: Adding Amazing Accents - Brush Lettering for Scrapbook Layouts

What's a scrapbook layout without a beautiful quote, phrase, or title? After this brush lettering tutorial, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to create stunning, hand-drawn flourishes from the top to the bottom of your layout! Kelly walks you through all the amazingly important steps for imagining the perfect words to accompany a brilliant 12 x 12 scrapbook page, from idea to execution, and all the practice steps in between! In this lesson, you'll get a feel for penciling in practice lines and strokes (practice makes perfect!), and get a first-hand look at the amazing versatility of Aqua Brushes. Learn how to get bold, solid letters, distressed letters, create dimensional shadows and even faux calligraphy!

Duration: 15:48

Lesson 4: Using Stamps for Card Making and Letter Learning

Explore the versatility and beauty of the Kelly Creates "Stamp and Trace Program" in which Kelly's traceable acrylic stamps are used for beautiful sentiments and learning brush lettering techniques! Card making and lettering practice all in one? Sign us up! A fantastic alternative to brush lettering practice sheets, you'll get a true feel for the artistry involved in each stroke! Learn about the importance of very light colors of ink, and the best ways to use brush pens to make it look like the words and phrases were all you! With enough practice, you won't even need the stamps to handwrite wonderful sentiments, but you'll want them all anyway!

Duration: 05:11

Lesson 5: Creating Beautiful Bullet Journals and Planners

When you're a bullet journaler, Bible journaler, or organized planner, your journal or planner is assuredly going to be written in! Let Kelly show you the amazing potential that's literally at your fingertips with markers, pens, stamps, and more for your journaling! Don't have a journal and looking to get started with getting your thoughts, ideas, to-do's, and practice lettering on paper? Check out Kelly's walkthrough of creating a colorful and organized monthly layout with stamps and pens for a fantastic, artistic planner that you won't be able to put down!

Duration: 08:26

Lesson 6: Blending Techniques for Scrapbooking, Card Making, and More!

Explore various blending techniques that will allow you to create, mix, swirl, layer and more with Brush Pens and the Kelly Creates Blending Kit. Watch as Kelly demonstrates a fading two-tone ombré effect and gives some helpful tips on which colors to choose or avoid. Then, be amazed as she blends two similar colors, and later two varying colors for unique, distinct looks for whatever project you're working on! Don't miss some helpful tips for avoiding damage to your watercolor pens and some great advice for making sure you're using the right strokes on your paper!

Duration: 08:43

Lesson 7: Watercolor Techniques with Aqua Brushes

One of the best things about the Kelly Creates Aqua Brush Pens is their unique ability to be transformed, and Kelly shows you exactly how to use water to activate their brilliance!  A couple scribbles, a mist of water, and a few swirls on your watercolor paper or cardstock will create a wonderful rainbow of color that's so beautiful you won't believe your eyes! Discover pigment variations as you dip your Aqua Brush Pens into water and swirl away, depositing ink and water onto your creation with different depths of color and transparency as you go! Also, learn how to create an amazingly simple watercolor sentiment for a card or layout with just a few easy strokes!

Duration: 06:00

Lesson 8: Unique Brush Lettering Gift Ideas

We craft for many reasons, but a big one is to gift our loved ones with beautiful, handmade creations! Let Kelly show you the amazing home décor and gifting possibilities with brush lettering! Get started with Kelly Creates' The Beauty of Lettering pad, which allows you to practice and finish a wonderful brush lettering quote or phrase worthy of framing for your wall or someone else's! With Kelly's helpful tips and practical practice products, you'll be hand lettering magnificent masterpieces in no time! 

Duration: 06:01

Lesson 9: Lettering On-the-Go: Travel-Sized Brush Lettering

If you weren't already hooked on hand lettering, brush lettering, and modern calligraphy, the entire Kelly Creates line is sure to get you there! And you won't even need to leave this fascinating hobby at home when Kelly shows you the best ways to take your lettering with you! She walks you through all the travel-sized options in paper, folders, pens, and brush lettering kits so that you're never far from your art and inspiration. These lovely tools can be stored in your backpack, handbag, craft bag, or suitcase for when you're itching to get your hands moving in delicate flourishes and creating beautiful brush letters!

Duration: 08:48

Class Details

Duration: 74:59

Kelly Klapstein, the brilliant and artistic mind behind Kelly Creates for American Crafts, introduces you to the tools and techniques in the amazingly beautiful world of brush lettering! Learn all about the new, trendy artform of brush lettering, modern calligraphy, hand lettering, and so much more as Kelly teaches you to create beauty with your hands and your hearts! You'll learn about the different types of pens and writing instruments involved in brush lettering, and the best ways to teach your hands to create the strokes of first letters, then words and phrases for journaling, card making, scrapbooking, and home décor gift giving! Kelly's simple approach to magnificent modern calligraphy will have you intrigued and ready to explore her amazing line of pens, kits, papers, and practice sheets for bouncy or classic brush lettering for beautiful, handmade creations! It's time to put pen to paper and get started! 

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About the Teacher

Kelly Klapstein

I joined years ago as a scrapbooker and card maker. Three years ago, I picked up a brush pen, started learning modern calligraphy and hand lettering and my life changed! I now travel the world teaching workshops and am the author of The Art of Brush Lettering. I write and design a regular feature article called "Love Letters" for Creative Scrapbooker magazine. When I'm not traveling, I'm at home walking my dog Finn, drinking Earl Grey tea and spending time with family and friends.