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Die Cutting Artistry with Jane Davenport

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A bestselling author and accomplished artist, Jane Davenport's career was born on the runways of Paris, first as a fashion designer and later as a catwalk photographer. In this exclusive online class, Jane reveals her passion for infusing new techniques and powerful mediums into her fine art.  Full Description.
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Lesson 1: Jane Davenport's Artistic Journey: From Paris Couture to Insect Photography

Discover how Jane's diverse and illustrious careers have influenced her artistic journey. Jane reflects on her experiences as a fashion designer in Paris, then as a successful runway photographer in some of the most distinguished cities of Europe. You will be mesmerized as Jane immerses you in her magical world of mixed media, ethereal mermaids, creative die cutting, and rainbow happiness. It's a world like no other, and you will be happily transported and instantly changed as you view your creative process in an entirely new light. So, let's dive right in as we learn how to infuse fine art techniques into our crafting!

Duration: 18:46

Lesson 2: Colorful and Creative DIY Embellishments Using Die Cuts and Paint

Be mesmerized as Jane dives into a sea of die cutting treasure, magically creating beautifully painted backgrounds by joining mixed media and die cutting techniques. With each stroke of her brush, Jane expertly explains each step of her process so that you can create your own mermaid artistry! You will develop a new appreciation for this form of art as you see just how simple the techniques that Jane uses can be. You will soon be following the easy steps on your own, and yielding stunning results! From the beginner to the seasoned mixed media artist, everyone will find something to love by allowing their creativity to flow with paints and die cutting.

Duration: 14:32

Lesson 3: Wondrous Ways to Die Cut with Washi Papers - The Quick and Easy Way

If you are of the belief that one can never have too much washi, this lesson is for you! Washi tape takes on a whole new look as Jane introduces you to her luscious full sheets of washi covered with her own signature artwork. Looking as if each sheet is a custom hand-crafted piece, you will be the talk of the town when your friends see your creations. From unicorns to dancing sprites, you will have unlimited fun in your Jane Davenport Mixed Media Art Journal. There is no right or wrong way to use your creativity, and anyone can design a masterpiece using a few simple tools and easy to follow tips and tricks. 

Duration: 07:54

Lesson 4: Mastering Quick and Easy Die Cut Muse Card Techniques

Spread the mermaid love! Join Jane as she uses her talent to design beautiful cards that are sure to delight everyone on your list! You will learn how to use smooth markers, squid inks, stamps, and your Spellbinders Deep Sea Die Cutting Machine to quickly and easily make mini works of art that are ready to send in minutes! Jane's simple tips and techniques allow you the freedom to experiment and express yourself creatively in your own unique way. Designing these cards is both enriching and freeing, and you will soon find yourself dreaming up reasons to send them to everyone you know!

Duration: 08:54

Lesson 5: Explore the Fine Art of Face Stencils and Unlock the Power of Alcohol Markers

Bring out your inner Project Runway, you fabulous thing, you! You will feel like a design maven after this lesson! Delight with Jane as you float among the pages of her journal, building designs using stencils and smooth alcohol markers. You will learn how to create your own face-artistry, and will soon be layering and letting your creativity flow. Learn how to create versatile and unique designs that incorporate a variety of supplies - from Jane's Spellbinders Deep Sea Die Cutting machine, to markers, to stencils. Each page can serve as a work of art on its own, or as a foundation for a new piece to be layered upon. The choice is up to you and your creative imagination, Jane will give you the tools to decide!

Duration: 15:30

Lesson 6: Time Saving Tips and Techniques Using Squid Inks and Art Journals

Have you admired Jane's artistic faces and figures, but have felt it to be unattainable in your own art? You're not alone! Allow Jane to share her pro tips and tricks for simple ways that everyone can use to embrace their inner artist, let their creative juices flow, and truly feel comfortable with their own work. You will learn that the goal of mixed media is not to produce a polished and perfect piece, but instead, to have an outlet in which to breath and to be expressive in a way that allows your soul to truly live!

Duration: 11:54

Class Details

Duration: 77:20


A bestselling author and accomplished artist, Jane Davenport's career was born on the runways of Paris, first as a fashion designer and later as a catwalk photographer. In this exclusive online class, Jane reveals her passion for infusing new techniques and powerful mediums into her fine art. Explore Jane's creative process for developing artistic inspiration, and cultivate your own authentic style that is full of magic and joy. See the world through Jane's rainbow glasses as she brings simple journals to life with luscious markers and radiant paints. All your die cutting dreams are sure to come true as you journey under the sea with Jane and truly embrace her philosophy that everyone can defy self-imposed creative gravity!

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About the Teacher

Jane Davenport

Jane Davenport is an artist, bestselling author and the Creative Director for Jane Davenport Mixed Media art supplies. Through her bustling online art school, she expands on her books and demonstrates tips and techniques for drawing and painting.

In her spare time, she also is an avid art supply junky, Art Journal Evangelist and koala mama (yes, Koalas visit her garden!). She lives at ‘The Nest’ overlooking Byron Bay in Australia.

Her passion is teaching women how to defy self-imposed creative gravity. She believes everyone is creative and that drawing is a delightful pastime that can build confidence that flows into all aspects of life. She is always telling her students to embrace the process and trust the mess!