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Illustrious Mixed Media Artist Dyan Reaveley welcomes you into her colorful world of art journaling, infused with heart and soul and uniquely vibrant. Be prepared to be emotionally and creatively moved as you hear Dyan recount the personal life experiences that ultimately led her down the creative path to art journaling.  Full Description.
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Video 1: The Art of Journaling from Your Soul: Dyan Shares Her Personal Journey

Be touched and inspired as Dyan guides you along the roadmap of her life that paved the way to her meaningful creative narrative. Dyan's experiences are ones that connect her to the greater human experience and can be felt and understood deeply on an emotional level. Dyan's personal history has illuminated the pathway to the foundations of art journaling, and as you listen to her connect the pieces of her life to a discovery of healing, you authentically understand the beauty and magic of art journaling, and the wonder it can play in a life.

Video 2: Exploring Essential Tools to Creating Signature Dylusions Art

Begin your artistic and soulful journey with Dyan as she brings you into her colorful world replete with intense, brightly painted backgrounds that she lusciously layers with inks. You will learn how these two versatile mediums work together to result in vibrant and unique pieces of art within the pages of your journal. Discover why Dylusions journals are in a class all their own, and what separates Dyan's paints from others. Watch as Dyan guides you through the creation of an art journal page from beginning to end while demonstrating her paints and inks. Allow yourself to be drawn in by the artistic doodles that are Dyan's custom stamp designs, and see how they can work with the wide array of stencils available. This introduction will leave you filled with inspiration and a desire to begin creating your own personal journal that speaks from the heart.

Video 3: Understanding Color Theory and How to Apply It To Your Art

Journey with Dyan over the radiant rainbow of Dylusions inks as she explains the signature color theory behind her creative process and how you can replicate it at home. With thirty rich hues to choose from, you will learn how to differentiate between cool and warm ink tones, and you may be surprised at the answer! As these water reactive dyes are not permanent, they allow you to more freely express your creativity in new and fresh ways. At the end of this instructional video, you will be ready to take your newly acquired chromatic creativity and begin journaling beautiful background pieces of your own!

Video 4: How to Use the Ghosting Technique to Master Background Basics

Explore how to add magic to your basic backgrounds by unlocking the ghosting technique with Dyan. Dyan will introduce you to the tools that are essential to her methodology and breaks down how to use them in simple and easy to understand steps. Learn why Dyan never starts at the beginning of a journal, and the easy technique you can put to use right away that will make sure there is "no ink wasted". Despite using only three colors, you will delight in creating puddles of dripping ink on the pages of your journal, causing you to soon discover why Dyan likens ink to an uncontrollable feline. Delight with Dyan in one of her favorite ways to embellish her journals as she guides you through the glorious ghosting process. Using stencils as water reacts with the inks, you will roll and press your way to imaginative backgrounds that will set the stage for your creative story. 

Video 5: Unlocking the Power of Creative Layering Using Paints and Inks

In this instructional video, you will learn to infuse wonder and whimsy into your basic yet colorful backgrounds as you build upon them using ink, paint, and stencils. Create depth and add interest as Dyan illustrates her techniques for stencil placement and how to select the colors you will use for this background building. Discover the way in which a page can be transformed through highlighting with semi-opaque white ink and watch as it takes on the color beneath it. Your backgrounds will instantly become more cohesive and you will be amazed at the dramatic look that now illuminates your pages. 

Video 6: The Art of Journaling with Stamps and Stencils

Discover the magical way to create a stained glass look in your art journal through the use of creative stencils. Watch as Dyan makes magic using fun squiggle stencils and timeless silhouette masks to give her artwork depth and a dramatic effect. Learn the proper techniques for paint placement, tricks and tips for the best ways to get the most out of your supplies, and how to transform it from black and white to wow! Dyan will show you how her signature paint pens are the perfect embellishment for your completed stained glass painted and stenciled piece.

Video 7: Cultivating Your Unique Artistic Expression Using Stamps

Join Dyan as she transforms a painted background into a dramatic and bold work of mixed media art. Discover the technique behind the faux bleach-out method as Dyan demonstrates how to achieve a two-toned effect with overlapping colors. Communicate your humor through artistic doodling, collage design, and Dyan's line of inspirational quote stickers that lend a unique sense of humor to your journal pages. Uncover the secret behind clean stamping and when to use open stamps with outlines rather than solid stamps. You will soon feel quite comfortable drawing outside the lines and taking your creativity to another level.

Video 8: Easy Tips and Techniques for Doodling the Dylusions Way

Let loose and embrace your inner virtuoso! Move over rainbows and clouds in your Trapper Keeper, Dyan's way of Doodling steps it up a notch and you are going to be hooked! Stencils are not simply for inks and paints in Dyan's world. Follow along as you pair stencils and a white paint pen to outline your way to pure magic. Personalize your art journal as Dyan shows you how easy it is to embellish as little or as much as you wish. You will love the tips that Dyan shows you for using her traditional supplies in alternate ways to achieve stunning results. There is no need to be a classically trained artist to compose dramatic canvases filled with movement and depth--find your happiness in doodling the Dylusions way today! 

Video 9: How to Use the Blocking Technique to Give Your Art Journal Endless Possibilities

Dive into a pool of glorious color with Dyan as she demonstrates the vivid and fun blocking technique. Dyan begins by explaining the many unique facets of her ever-popular Dylusions paints- you will love knowing how to best care for and work with yours after watching this lovely video. Experiment with various tones and hues, pull in one of Dyan's many stencils, and apply your beloved doodling skills to give your artwork a finished look. Art Journaling is just for you, and there is no perfect way to do it. Revel in the beauty that results from letting go and allowing the creativity to flow. The possibilities are endless with the blocking technique, and your imagination will run wild with ideas and inspiration. Come in and join the fun!

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Illustrious Mixed Media Artist Dyan Reaveley welcomes you into her colorful world of art journaling, infused with heart and soul and uniquely vibrant. Be prepared to be creatively and emotionally moved as you hear Dyan recount the personal life experiences that ultimately led her down the creative path to art journaling. Whether you are already a true-blue fan or have never understood the draw, this class is for you. You will leave inspired and with the true understanding of why this art form exists, how it can heal and enrich, and that there are always new techniques to be learned. Join the beautiful and freeing creative journey and allow your own true self to shine.

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Dyan Reaveley

Ranger Signature Designer Dyan Reaveley is the creator and heart and soul of the Dylusions product line. A mixed media Artist and Art Journaler, Dyan is known for her creativity with layering color, images, and thought-provoking collages. Her unique and eclectic style comes through in her vibrant color combinations of ink and paint, using text as an insightful design element and the clever use of imagery in her artwork. 

Dyan teaches throughout the United States and around the world with a mission to introduce everyone to the fabulous therapy that is art journaling and creating mixed media art. When she's not leading the glamorous life on the road, you can find her teaching and designing at her studio, Art From the Heart, in Harrogate in the north of England. Dyan has four grown children and the most gorgeous grandchildren in the world!