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Nothing is as good as the stuff you can yourself Peg! But boy, it is a lot of work! My mother and sister-in-law still put up a little bit but not much anymore.

Sheryl, swing by and see me! We are about 5 minutes from the interstate (I-75). If you get off the interstate at our exit within 2 blocks is a Red Lobster (but not a good one - some are decent but I don't like this one), an Olive Garden, Ruby TUesday, Applebee's and a few more blocks to Sonny's. There are at least a dozen other restaurants near the interstate. There is a Chili's and another Mexican restaurant and, can't think of the name and a Bob Evans and Cracker Barrel. There is a Cody's Roadhouse - so stop whether you are along or with your friend - doesn't matter.

Its hard for me not to finish the layouts too Jaravae and most take 10-15 minutes to finish but if I have 3 or 4 of them, that's an easy hour. If I have 20 of them - that 4 or 5 hours I've saved at home. And I get to enjoy the crops without hauling so much stuff!

One big advantage I find is that when I reaarange them, since I haven't seen them in a while I'm looking at them witih a fresh eye and I see changes or things to add. It gives me one final time to see them to decide if I want to do anything different. One time I ran into the store and bought different paper - when I looked at it there I didn't like theh paper I had chosen to go with it.

I've got myself into a mindset of, "Oh boy - its ready to mat and glue and possibly make letters if I'm' using my Slice - now I get to start a new one" and I put it away and get excited over the next one. By then I'm tired of the one I'm working on.

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