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welcome to the insanity,,,,,er the addiction,,,,,er the INCREDIBLE THERAPY!!!!!

google or look here in the gallery for CLOSET scrap spaces,,,,even if you aren't in a closet, it will show you how much you can get INTO that amount of space and HOW TO do it,,,,you can get an idea of how they store,,,,

definitely use wall space,,,,,

curtain rods hooked to the wall can hold punches (dozens) or put clips on plastic bags and hang them from rings on the rods,,,,,they slide back and forth AND you can see through them AND they are (my favorite) CHEAP!!!!!!

Back of the door shoe hangers can hold TONS of stuff, get one thats got the clear pockets,,,,,hang it in a closet or on the back of your bedroom door,,,,,,under the bed space? Get one of those divided shoe containers and stick that under there,,,,,

good luck!

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