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I bought mine from I waited for one of their no shipping/ridiculously low shipping days. I think I got it for $169 about 6 months ago. It has V. 2.31 firmware on it. It's a pretty green with swirls all over it. If you look in my gallery and look for my scrap room photo on it's own separate tab, you'll see it on my desk. As far as knowing which firmware is on it, if it's an E (1) it has the same firmware I mentioned above. I believe PC specifically released the E (2) so that the firmware would not work with SCAL (1) (2) or (3). I did go to a local J's and bought the E (2) and tried to hook it up, but it would not work. The next time I'm on I just may buy another to have as a backup - Keep a smile M.

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