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Ricky is dead, Tim Reid and Daisy are still missing.

Daniel is out of jail.

Paul mysteriously disappears to LA to tell confined Isabella Ricky is dead. She has no clue. He returns to GC and turns himself in. He is questioned by FBI Ronan with Lawyer Avery present.
Heather is off the case per Michael's orders.

Paul says he forgot where the gun came from to protect Lauren.
He also says that Ricky admitted to killing the girlfriend, and then the friend (car accident on the way to met Paul in GC). Ricky said something about Daisy but not enough info.

Eden cannot help Paul because she cannot remember a thing . . . yet. Even with a re-enactment, she cannot recall anything.

Paul mentions a large knife Ricky had but they found nothing and Eden remembers nothing. It does not look good for Paul, premeditated murder.
He is going to jail.
Ronan called Nina she arrived to come help support/console him.

Lauren tells Michael the gun is hers, she has violated probation. He tells her to keep it quiet for a bit but she tells Phyllis.

Phyllis is secretly happy that Daisy and Ricky are out of her life and that Lucy comes back.

However, at GCPD -- Ricky's possessions are being looked at and Phyllis's sessions file from Tim Reid are there.

Considering Ricky planted bugs in Heather's and Phyllis' apartment, and he filmed himself killing his girlfriend, I wonder if he filmed himself trying to do Eden in?

Where is the huge knife?
Makes me think that maybe someone behind Paul (maybe Daisy or Tim), shot Ricky, snuck in, then took the knife when no one was looking? This would spare Paul.
Maybe it is under the bathtub? Did anyone look there?

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