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THe libraries around Georgia order way too many copies of new books when they first come out to meet the demand. As they wane in populararity the library has big sale days and sells them. They may be just a year or two old and big title hardbacks like John Grisham and Jame Patterson can sell for 50 cents to a dollar. All the previous years' Martha Stewart magazines go for a dime each.

I have a friend who volunteers at the annual library sale every year when they clean out space to make room for the new stuff.

I didn't know they sold books like that but it was explained to me that they buy a lot of copies of new books on the best seller list becuase the needs for when the book comes out and the need a couple years later is very different.

After the sale they just have the number of copies left that they need. I did not know that they do that - just learned a few years ago.

Great place to buy some slightly back-issue magazines at a cheap price. People love to volunteer to work the library sales becuase they get to shop for what they want the day before or night before it opens to the public. I have one friend who always volunteers and gets everything she wants first - fills up the back seat of her car with hardbacks and magazines for almost nothing.

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