Username Post: Anybody working on anything this weekend & week?
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OK, I scrapped at work again today!! HAHA!!And got paid for it!!

I work at a wonderful state-run museum in upstate New York, in Kingston, called the Senate House. Kingston was the first Capitol of NY in 1777, and the Senate met in a private home, which is now a museum. The house looks almost exactly the same as when it was built in 1676, by Dutch settlers. I give tours, and do some research and transcribing of documents, currently working on letters from 1898! It appeals to the history geek in me! Truly, this is the best job I've had since lifeguarding in college!

Today, the site manager assked me to make some signs for an expo he is attending tomorrow, because I am known as the crafty one, so check out my gallery for the Senate House Pics!! One is actually a frame I filled with photos from this summers events as well as previous years. We wear period costumes, and do reenactments and demonstrations of 18th century life and activities.

And I got paid to do this! Love this job! -Chris

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