Username Post: Anybody working on anything this weekend & week?
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Good afternoon guys, I am a little upset today.
Dh has an aoertic aneurysm that has grown now. They are sending him to a surgeon. I think it is the number where they do surgery. I am quite worried about the surgery. He also heard some noises in his arteries in his neck that could be blockages. He has lived with blockages in the past. He is a bypass patient. I remember him saying that if he got worse there was nothing they could do for it. I do not remember how long ago that was. I sure hope it is not the case now. He has to get more scans now & see what is there. I think I remember that he may not survive the aneu. surgery.

I am going to see if I can journal my heritage page. I need to finish that challenge out for the month too. It would be good if I can get my mind off of it.

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