Username Post: My 1st Word book
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I am so excited I made my first word book. I told my husband the first time I saw them gosh that is really a dumb idea I would never invest my time in something like that. Well don't say never. 8 hours later I have made one. Surely it does not really take 8 hours but being my first word book and my first real project with the Pazzle Inspiration it took a little time. But it was fun, relaxing and the end results an awesome book even if I do say so and an awesome day designing it. So now I can justify my paper stash because I really went through several sheets with this project because I double back it for strength and added effect. So Fun. Time for bed though. I will post tomorrow to share and have all you experts give me some constructive critisism. Would love to hear from those more experienced. TIA

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