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For this week's sketch at Sketchy Thursdays.

This is my middle child, Courtney. She was in her first musical at 3 (her big sister was in Annie, and the director knew Courtney since she was born and couldn't wait to put her in a show). Then at 6 she started doing 2 to 3 musicals a year. She is 16 now, and goes to a high school with a performing arts magnet program (like the Fame high school, but at a public school that doesn't focus on just performing arts, it's a regular school with an extraordinary arts program). Picking the pictures was the hardest, being that she's been in so many shows...these are: Lullaby League (Wizard of Oz), when she was 9; Tessie (Annie), at 11; and Tiger Lily (Peter Pan) when she was 13. Being a "drama queen" is her passion.