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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

for all these years the pieces of you
have been coming together and
in reality at times its more than I can take
seeing you already so grown already so strong.
your beauty and grace your laughter and that face
the pieces of you that have been coming
together all this time
still take me by surprise.
You are something I dreamt of all my life
and something I envisioned for so many years
and now I see and yet its just in part.
my little girl growing and changing each day
taking on the world in your 5 year old way
all too soon you will be full grown
with dreams and visions of your own
and though I may fall to pieces watching you go
I know I will always remember watching you grow
you have already surpassed my hopes and dreams
you have already made me whole.
(journaling 10/12/07)

designer digitals:
kellie mize: tortuga template #53
anna aspnes: tissue brights paper
font: beautiful
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