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This is for the color challenge: Black! I was searching for a color yto se behind these pictures and could not find anything. Then I thought of the color challenge, black! And I love it!
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Journaling: In January 2005, we went to Esterillos Oeste beach for three days. Esterillos means a bend on the coastline. It is beautiful, not crowded at all. About twenty minutes down the coast is a major beach, where there are tons of good restaurants and places to shop for beach clothes. This was the one thing that Kevin wanted to do when he came home to visit. Go to the beach! We had a lot of fun walking along the beach and talking. Drew and I came up with tons of wacky quotes. I was walking through a tide pool when I stepped down and felt something grab my foot. I jumped up to watch a rather large crab scurry away. I know he wasnít there when I stepped down, he must have been hidden under the sand. We sat and watched the sunset. The beach does not sit facing the sun since it is on a bend, but we got this gorgeous glow causing the whole beach to be bathed in sepia tones. It was gorgeous. The water is beautiful. Sometimes it is bright blue, other times it is more of a green color, but it is always pretty. One day when we were walking I was really getting tired. My feet were hot and sore from plodding on the sand. I stepped into a cool tide pool and said, ďLetís dip our feet in the coolness of the Word.Ē I donít know exactly where that came from. But, the more I thought about it, the more it just made sense. We are weary travelers through this road. The only relief for our stepped on and sand clad feet is the coolness that God offers us through his Word. I need to do that more often. Sometimes I just get caught up in the monotony of life and the endless cycle it seems to be. I just need to be reminded to spend time with Him, praying and reading the Word. So, may these pictures always remind me of this truth that I forget all too often.
I lost a copy of half of my journaling so I had to retype it! Thanks for looking!