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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Okay, this was about the most fun I've had doing a pagei n forever. LOL. This is for the TC Circle Journal-- the theme for this was what does it take to be a rockstar.

I had my friend do my hair and makeup just for this photo shoot and my wonderful husband took all the pictures. Also my younger son Sam got in on the action with a pink mohawk and inflatable guitar. :) Played with the pictures in my photo editing software to get all the fun little shots. There's actually a ton more but I had to leave room for my brilliant journaling. LOL.

All the stars and the big swirl are hand-drawn and hand-cut. The flames are cut out from some Making Memories packing tape-- that took forever, let me tell ya. I autographed the big picture because I thought it was funny. I think you can read the journaling but if not someone LMK and I'll post it for you.

I used this fun glitter pen to make stuff sparkly-- that is so cool. I used it on the black for some doodling, over the title, and I colored some of the flames with it. I really think it looks cool. If I'm wrong don't tell me because I'm in my happy world about this page right now. :)