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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

A simple LO of my son's trip to the Fire Dept. I used up some supplies I've had forever. I was trying to make the pages look as though they had survived a fire .

JAN. 2007 ** Our field trip this month was to Fire Station No. 1.
What we saw: the garage where the Fire Dept. vehicles are kept (trucks, ambulance, Chief’s car, haz mat truck), the kitchen where the fire fighters cook their own meals, the firefighters’ recreational and sleeping quarters. What we didn’t see: classrooms used for training, administrative offices, weight lifting room. Special things that happened at the station: A firefighter put on all of his gear so we could see what he would look like and hear what he would sound like. We all got to sit inside one of the fire trucks. They turned the lights and sirens on for us. We saw several firefighters slide down the pole. We also saw how the firefighters keep their uniforms and boots all together by the trucks so they can just step right into them and get them on really fast. What we learned: To dial 9-1-1 if there is a fire in our house; to make an escape plan and decide on a meeting place with our families; That every home should have a smoke detector and that batteries should be checked once a month; to STOP, DROP & ROLL if our clothes are on fire; that even though firefighters might look a little scary in all their gear, we should NOT run or hide from them. My favorite thing at the fire station: when they turned on the lights and sirens. “That was so cool!”