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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is a LO I did for the NSD All Day Challenge 2008. It is of my parents who took me to the airport 2.5 hours away. I chose my parents because of who they are that has made me become the woman that I am. The caring person thats gets up early everyday to make sure DH gets off to work and eats first, the one who puts up with an ex wife (grin) and he person I have become with the struggle of being a step parent and helping him raise his kids all these years. Because of them I am strong & strong willed and do not know the word quiter. I have hidden journaling on the left bottom corner. On top of it is K & C Adhesive flowers and Heidi Swap decorative heart pin. The bottom large photo mat I hand embossed w/Fiskars Textured Plates. I used Stickles Pink on the title and Fiskars Photo Corner the the top photo.
Journaling reads: I fly out once a year to see my family. But especially my parents, who are my heroes. This was in 2001 & they have had many challenges and hurdles since then.
But daddy HAD to take me to the airport. At this time he was in the early stages of Dimentia he has since reached a higher level & is very difficult at times. Mom has battled and won breast cancer and kidney cancer since. We had gotten terribly lost in their crazy parking garage and w/dimentia, daddy had gotten upset so I used humor & calmed him down. Once inside we got a snack and coffee. We are huge coffee drinkers and we chat alot over a cup. I had so much fun on such a sad day. Always sad "Saying Goodbye"