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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

The first of two project this week,

The project:
Use the sketch from the last weeks winner (my own, meaning I had to do a second page from the same sketch....not my thing....but hey, I decided it would be an extra challenge for me ;) so I altered the sketch a little bit, flipped it over (mirror) and skewed the photos a little.
The lo must me monochromatic colors. No white or black! This was a little difficult, I colored one white rubon with colored pensils and I used a light blue tombow marker to color over the white journaling.

The journaling is from an popular Icelandic pop song.
Roughly translated:
"Be yourself, do whatever you want. Be yourself, just the way you are. Let it all go, dance in the wind. Hug the world, LOVE! Go all the way!"