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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Beaded fringe- Laced together with fishing line to create icicles/pull tab for hidden journaling.

Maya Road acrylic tag- Painted silver and used for hidden journaling.

Doilie- Painted blue and used as a mat behind top picture.

Shrinky Dink- Used to create large snowflake.

Fringed material- Dipped in blue paint and pressed onto paper to create falling snowflakes.

4 split rings- 2 larger ones on 2 skittles framing the top and bottom of the lower photo. Two smaller skittles are stacked on the right corner skittle framing the lower photo.

Mulberry square- Used to mat the lower photo.

17/24 skittles- Scattered around cs to create snowflakes.

Remaining 4 skittles- accent portions of the doilie.

5 round re-inforcement labels- Painted blue and layered under skittles to create medium sized snowflakes.

CS quotation shapes- Painted silver and placed around large snowflake.