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This is a squirrel who was stuck on a wire on this electrical pole across from the liquor store my BF works at. When we arrived a little before 10 am this little guy was sitting on the wire screeching. It was heart breaking. I kept my eye on him thinking that something must be wrong. At about 10 after 10 I saw that he hadn't moved. I walked across the street to see that he was stiff as could be. Sitting on the wire, mouth open, not moving with his little claws wrapped around the wire. He was still screeching for help. My BF contacted numerous animal rescue lines and eventually was told he needed to call National Grid (our local electric vendor) When we contacted them, my BF was told by a rather rude employee that nature must take it's course! My bf asked what she meant and she responded "Fine! I'll put in a service order as power outage and make note that a SQUIRREL is stuck on a line!" An hour later, no one had come. I had since tried tossing rocks at a metal piece not pictured in an effort to scare the little guy into moving. By then, he was no longer calling out. My BF believed he had died. I insisted that he was alive as I occasionally saw him switch positions with his feet. Eventually I went back out as a last ditch effort to scare him. I tossed numerous rocks near him in an effort to see him move, but nothing happened. Suddenly, I tossed one up and he ran onto the wood. I couldn't believe it! I was so excited. When we contacted National Grid, another women answered. She had difficulty locating the service order, then stated ok, I'll cancel it. It's our belief that the other woman never put one in..