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Give cheer Give a Cheer

Program: Photoshop Elements 3

Kit used: Lianne Carper’s Autumn Charisma Scrapkit at 3Scrapateers

Journaling reads:

Thanksgiving Point Animal Farm is one of the

children’s favorite places to go for fun, and

one of mine, too. We’ve been going there ever

since Lillian was a toddler. Admission is

$2.50 and includes a pony ride or wagon ride.

We’ve yet to try the wagon ride -- who wants

a wagon ride when there are ponies? The

many animals there are always a hit. In the

Spring, there are tons of baby lambs & goats,

and it’s always funny to see a short little

mama goat with an enormous belly. The goats

are the kids’ favorites -- for 25 cents, you

can purchase food for them and they‘ll eat

right out of your hands. One time, we were

feeding the goats when an anxious one

squeezed it’s way through the gate and got

loose! The other highlights are the unusual

chickens and peacocks. In the main building,

they sometimes do milking demonstrations.

One time when Joey was about two, he

had a chance to milk it. Lillian was too

scared to try.

If the kids are extra lucky or if I’m feeling

adventurous, we’ll venture over to the ice

cream shop and share an enormous ice cream

sundae. Since the twins started running

around, I haven’t felt quite up to chasing

them around while we eat, but I know as they

get older, we’ll be doing it a lot more.