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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

The latest LO. Here in the DR we do gift exchanges we call "angelitos" or little angels, it is sort of like a secret santa but some people do them also onValentines, end of school year and other special ocassions.
The Britos, my maternal family, have been playing and angelito for the past two years on Epiphany, but before the actual exchange we all know who is whose angel and who is getting what. We just cant keep secrets.

Journaling reads:
"The Britos can not keep a secret. The day of the gift exchange, everybody knew who was his/her secret gif giver or knew what the gift was.

That's why the surprise faces we make are rather funny.

Here's the proof:
a- Mom already knew that dad was her secret santa. She even "suggested" what he coud buy for her;
b-Tanya already knew that her angel was either Gaby or Quico who
c-Double show: Penny fakes surprise, Tanya fakes that she didn't know (by elimination) that Quico was Penny's angel;
d-Jared knew exactly what he was getting
e-Quico fakes surprise while receiving what is obvioulsly a basketball"