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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I came across this pic of my sister meeting her baby, Rachelle, for the first time. My niece is now 3 and a half, but I never got the courage to work with this dark noisy photograph. I'm pretty sure it was taken with a diposable camara (the horror!!)

Then, it hit me: sure the pic sucks and all, but how many times do you get to capture such an important event? This photograph might be a photographer's nightmare but it is WAY more meaningful than many other sharp, well exposed photos of nothing.
So, this is my advice to you, scrap that bad (yet important) photos and do it today. Use some smart cropping and editing if needed to, but don't sweat it if it never comes out really ok, life is short.

Also, don't print it any bigger than 4x6 :)