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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This layout was very dificult for me but I had wanted to do it for a while. Thanks for the push. The journaling is long!

Journaling reads
I am not a patient person. When I set a goal for myself I achieve it. I am not good at putting my wants and needs in the hands of others. When we realized the only way we would parent a child together was through adoption, I was excited, hopeful, and optimistic. We did all the mountains of paperwork, evaluations, jumped through all the hoops. We were told to be ready for "the call" at any time. We decorated our nursery. We bought all the pink clothes. We put our lives on hold. A year passed waiting for someone to contact us. I got really down. I closed the door to the nursery. I could not bear to see the room for the child I did not think I would ever have. There were nights I would go to the nursery and just sit and imagine how it would be when I held my daughter in my arms. I cried so many tears. It was so hard to hurt and long for a child when everything was beyond my control. I decided to start living in the moment and be happy for my family. I realized it was out of my hands. I knew there was a plan for us. I let go. We received three calls from potential birthmoms. We finally met Heather after 17 long months. That moment the waiting and sorrow melted away. I felt joy. I knew my daughter had found me.

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