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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Journaling reads:
You’d never know from looking at this picture that this was such a rough day for us.
Before you went to school we had an argument and you said you were running away.
Then off to school you went after we had decided you’d not run away.
When I picked you up from school the teacher said you had a rough day. Despite the rough day we still went to McDonald’s for lunch with our friends, Jaime, Elijah and Naomi. You had a great time there as you can tell from this photo until we had to leave and then it went down hill fast.
Once we got home we argued quite a bit and at one point you said you wanted a new mommy. My heart broke and I cried when you weren’t looking but I just told you that would be so sad and I hoped you wouldn’t find a new mommy.
By the time you were in bed things were better but the thing I think we both learned is no matter how angry we matter what we do.....we always, always love each other, unconditional love.