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{Journaling} No 2 days with you are ever the same, it seems that lately you are a new girl everyday. Sometimes so sweet it could break your heart and otherís the complete opposite. We fight so much now, seem to clash at every turn. . . . perhaps we are too alike, or maybe those tweenie hormones are kicking in. I miss that little girl that loved me by the bucket load. I wish that the words, ďI hate you mumĒ were not so common that they barely have an effect on me anymore. And I hope beyond hope that one day soon, we will get past this phase and move on to the part where I get to be your friend again. Iíll always love you Chlo-bo.

Paper and leaves - Heart and Soul
Flowers, glitter and hanging ribbons - Basic Instinct
Netted Matte - Blue Horizon
Butterflies and ribbons - Softest Touch
Simple Acrylic Styles
All by Scrap'it Designs

Fonts:- Euphorigenic and Pea Karen's Print