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Journal Reads;
It’s only part of human nature to take things for granted and it is so very sad when something tragic jolts us out of our everyday routine and forces us to regain a focus on what is truly important.

I thought I was losing focus in school; the quality of my homework was dimming and I’d skipped a few classes. I might end up with a B in Spanish, dropping my near perfect GPA. Then reality sets in when I wake up to look in the mirror, but only my reflection has changed, it had become a little too fuzzy. What is really important? Was I actually losing focus?

It was a little red, but it wasn’t bothering me…Then it felt dry and a little sensitive to light, nothing a few of eye drops wouldn’t fix, right? Wrong. It got a little better then worse…I realized I couldn’t see so well out of my left eye anymore. How scary! I need both eyes.

I was not only losing focus in my eye and a little in school, but of what is truly important; my husband. Sure I bust my butt at work and in school for a better future for both of us, but what about now? What about living today? I need my husband like I need my eyes…One does not work so well without the other. I love you Dave.