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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

My August page for project 2011. For this layout I used papers by Scenic Route & My Mind's Eye. Journaling reads:

"august 1- spent my morning walking @ the park. just me, my iPod, & a few feathered friends. enjoying nature & snapping photos. i needed that. august 4- shucked & silked 2 bushels of corn- that was a lot of corn. as i was silking it, i finished season 1 of “glee”. i guess i am somewhat of a “glee” fan now (i refuse to use the ridiculous “gleek” term). i never thought i would like that fact, i used to make fun of it. but it's like a vacuum. and i was the reluctant little dust bunny hiding under the bed, powerless to resist. well, i have officially been sucked into the world that is “glee”...& i like it! august 10- got ruby & sophie a $7 kiddie pool. they weren't too sure about it at first, but after a while they were splashing around in it, having a great time playing with their tennis balls. ruby still thinks it's just a huge water bowl for her to drink from. oh well. $7 well spent, i say. august 12- finally gave in & chopped all my hair off...again. not that it was really that long, but for me it was the longest it's been since '06. i lasted 8 months w/o a haircut & couldn't take it anymore. once you go short, it's hard to go back- it's low maintenance & it's just me. august 15- 1st day of school- *insert fake enthusiasm here.* french, biology, british lit., & philosophy- oh boy! august 22- dropped british lit. turns out i didn't need it. plus after seeing the ridiculous amount of reading (i swear, these professors must think their class is the only one you're taking) & getting stuck in a study group full of slackers, that pretty much nailed it. august 20- went to an estate sale & scored lots of vintage goodies, including an antique sewing machine in mint condition! august 25- the day i discovered that chivalry is not dead. that made me happy. august 26- “anne of green gables” movie marathon w/ mama & andrea. i absolutely love those movies. been watching them since i was a kid & they still make me laugh & cry every time."

Thanks so much for looking!