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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Here's my September page. I used papers by K&Co. & Making Memories. The design is from a PageMaps sketch. The lyrics are from a Green Day song & read: "Wake me up when September ends..." And my journaling reads:

"i don't consider myself to be a fan of green day, but i couldn't seem to get those lyrics out of my head this month. i guess i should explain. september was not such a great month, to be honest. it wasn't all bad, there were good parts, too. but the first couple of weeks, well quite frankly, they sucked. big time. i'll start with the bad parts:

so at the end of august/beginning of september, my grandmother fell, had to have a hip replacement, then spent the next several weeks in rehab. the next week (september 4, to be exact) my brother joshua was admitted to the hospital & for four very long, stressful days they had no idea what was wrong. they finally came up with a diagnosis & thankfully he made a quick recovery & is back to normal now. the next week, september 12, we had to have our 17-year-old jack russell, molly, put to sleep. we'd known for a while that it was coming, but that didn't make it any easier. my brothers & i grew up with that dog- she was part of the family. so yeah, those first couple of weeks are just one big blur of hospital visits, seeing my grandma at rehab, school, crying, & being frustrated with life in general. but like i said, it wasn't all bad.

the good parts: sep. 2- had some friends over, ate a delicious home-cooked meal, & had fun scrapping & talking. sep. 19- on this cool monday morning, mama & i enjoyed breakfast on the deck. it was nice. such a contrast from how we'd started the previous three weeks. sep. 28- i filled out an application for graduation. there is now a light at the end of my tunnel. sep. 29- ‘explosions in the sky' concert @ the tabernacle w/ adam, benjamin, & luke. the show was excellent- those guys are amazingly talented. sep. 30- our church had a two day crop. it was a lot of fun & much-needed."

Thanks for looking!!