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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

It has become a yearly tradition for our family to make a Gingerbread House just before Christmas. We buy a kit (Mommy’s not talented or brave enough to make one from scratch!), and then we spend the afternoon putting on the icing and candy. This year, Daddy decided to help too and thought he would make the icing. At first it was too thick (more like toothpaste), and then it was too runny (more like milk), but we finally got it right and began spreading it on.. Josh, of course, wanted to lick all of the icing, which really annoyed Chris. At last, we put on the candy and sprinkles and admired our beautiful house!
Materials used:
cardstock: Paper Bliss
washer words: Making Memories
holly leaves & berries: Sizzix