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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Journaling Reads:
My sweet blue eyed boy, You are so precious, you make the angels smile. You have the sweetest little baby face . I can not get enough of your big baby blues and cute litle chubby pinchable cheeks. You are such a healthy happy baby, truly a miracle. The perfect baby everyone always says. You slept through the night almost right away and nursed like a dream. My sweet little Kai you barely ever cry and when you do it is this faint quiet little cry. Everyone always comments on how sweet and amazing you are. You light up when you see me, you are delighted by your big sister Bianca , and you squeal with joy when you hear Daddy’s car pull into the driveway. You love independent play, but every few minutes, you crawl over to me and climb onto my lap and hold me tight. I always think that you are just checking in with me, looking for reassurance and a bit of love. You are impossibly tender and loving. You hold on to me as though you’re trying to tell me just how much you love me. Everyday That I look at you I am so amazed and grateful God granted me the gift of you. my sweet blue eyed boy-I love you so very, very much! -->>> January 2007

Kits by:
Retro Sweets by Truman Studio;amp;page=1

Kitzy Hearts by Akizo

Alpahas by:
Jen Yurko