Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

One of the readings at my wedding ceremony. I like the general layout - I did the same thing with all my ceremony cards (yes, this card over here was actually read from at my wedding). For each page I only changed the mat paper (I tried to get it to match the "mood" of the text) and the background (all of the backgrounds are taken from the view in the ceremony photos, but I chose different pieces for different LOs to contrast with the mat colors etc...). I didn't mat the photos at all, or use any embellishments, because I wanted to keep the focus on the cards.

The backgrounds were a little complicated: they're pieces of actual ceremony photos, and I really wanted them for backgrounds on my 12x12 pages, but I don't have a wide-format printer, and I didn't want them to be printed as photos, just as documents at draft quality to make them pale and blurry, so I couldn't use an online photo printing service. I ended up having to buy archival legal-size inkjet paper (not easy to find online!), print these in two halves, and then tear the halves and glue them together (I used tearing instead of straight trimming because torn lines are much less visible than straight ones). It
worked pretty well.