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This is my favorite pic of my son and my brother. Journaling reads as follows: "Cody and Tom. My son, my younger Brother. I love this picture. It was taken at Mom and Dad's house in July of 2004 when the kids went to visit on their own for 10 days. I miss Tom; I miss all of my Brothers. I wish we lived closer so Cassidy and Cody could have the awesome experience of growing up around a huge family. That's what I grew up in. I miss all of them; parents, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. I sometimes wonder how my kids' lives would differ if we lived closer to our families. It certainly would be nice for us to have "date night" with free babysitting once in awhile (ha ha). On the other hand, we have built our life here in Las Vegas. Jobs, home, friends, church, school. We are comfortable - we are happy. But still, moments like the one in this picture make my heart ache for the lifestyle my kids don't even know they are missing. Maybe it's just because I miss them so much; parents, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Family. I am happy about the small blessings. The visits when Cassidy and Cody get to experience what it was like for me growing up with all those people. To know you matter to so many means a lot. I hope the kids can visit more as they get older and now that my brothers have discovered web-cam we get to see a lot more no matter how far away we'll ever become. Man, I miss them."