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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Yup its official, I've been asked by our local scrapbook store to become part of there design team. I Design the challenge kits and help give ideas to the ladies that want to challenge there work with other ladies. For the last several months I've been participating in the challenges and have won every month since September. That itself was unreal, but I was approached by the owner to be part of their design team.

As the last few layouts, I've added, this kit is a bare bottom kit.. with rules.. no added boughten embellishments, only use the paper in the kit, try and use the few embellishments included, and you can use any media out there! WELL is that a challenge or what. So all my embellishments are handmade.. EVERYTHING except for the cute red bag, which held the kits embellishments. The two white flowers, the two teeny roses, a couple stripes of lace, a small tag, one tiny blinged bead and some chipboard. I managed to use almost everything.. even the wire from the 4 flowers provided. all the hearts, cameo/with frame, and even the "beads" are all made from resin. I'm having a blast making them. I Want to venture into some different types of resins to see how well they work too. I have more close up pics on my blog if your interested

Those that know me, know I like my embellishments, so not being able to buy and add, creating has taken a whole new level for me. My mind is constantly thinking oooh how could I make that.. LOL Diffidently a challenge to do.

This picture was taken only moments after my daughter was ask for her hand in marriage. They were on a cruise in the Caribbean when he proposed. We knew he was going to ask, because this young man came to my husband and I and first asked us if we would give him permission to ask our daughter to marry him. I think you had to pick our jaws up from the floor. You only see things like that on TV we were blown away, with the respect he had shown. If he was looking for brownie points he scored them BIG TIME!! They are not married as of yet but they so happy together, what more could a Mom and Dad ask for.

Thank you for stopping into my gallery and I very much appreciate those that take their time to share their thoughts.
I hope you find something you enjoy.