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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Window banner.

Nick and I worked on this last week and it was one issue after another. I actually thought we were going to have to toss it out!
First you were supposed to cut out white triangles, then heat a baking sheet, then draw on the triangles on top of the heated baking sheet with crayon for a melted picture. However, our crayons would not melt. lol So we got rid of the baking sheet and just drew on them. Then we made paint from a mix of boiling water, vinegar and food coloring (we liked that!). After that dried you were supposed to do a light coating of vegetable oil on the back to make them translucent.

It did not want to dry! For almost a week these have been laying on our counter "drying" I finally took paper towels and tried to soak away any oil that wouldn't dry. Then hung them up :)

So what should have been a 2 day project was a 7 day project just because of waiting. I am glad we waited and I took to the paper towels because it turned out cute!

The left photo is all of the little triangles, the right photo is Nick's favorite.