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Journaling reads:
Itís that time again. Time to move. But this time, there wonít be another move in 3 years. Nickís retired. Heís out of the Marine Corps. Time to acclimate back into the civilian world. It hasnít been easy, this past year. Nick went on terminal leave in October, the boys & I were in Alabama. It was only supposed to be a 3 month thing. But by the time we all move back together a year will have passed. Thatís a year that Iíve been acting as mom & dad for the boys. Yeah, we skype, and we talk on FB, but itís not the same as having your partner right there. The boys have needed their daddy. Iíve needed my husband. But this is our new start. Nickís already in our apartment, trying to get everything ready. The boys & I came up over Spring Break to help get as much done as we could. OK, and to see Daddy. Now itís just a matter of waiting until schoolís out for Sean & Justin at the end of May. Then look out world, weíre

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