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My daughter was very colicky as a newborn…I remember just hoping for the time to pass until she outgrew it…yet almost two years later I wish I could go back and do it again. How soon we forget!Journaling: Lillian, this photo of you was taken as Daddy laid you down to sleep while we were still at the hospital. In a few short hours you would awaken and we would all be heading home to a brand new life. It has been almost two years since this photo was taken, yet it feels like just yesterday. And other times it feels like an eternity. I so wish that I could go back and hold you one more time with what I now know. I remember everyone telling me, “this too shall pass”, as you cried in the background. The thing is, I didn't realize how true that saying was. And in those trying times passing, so did the precious moments like of that in this picture. I loved holding you in my arms as I watched you sleep peacefully, rocking back and forth. I miss that sweet newborn scent. Believe it or not, I even miss trying to soothe you. Yes, you really have been a blessing to our family from the very beginning.