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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Conversation with Jon Michael

Jon Michael: Mommy, ask me about my day.
Mommy: Jon Michael, how has your day been?

Jon Michael: Itís been boring.
Mommy: Boring? How can your day been boring. Weíve been at Six Flags all day?!

Jon Michael: Itís been boring because I didnít get to ride that mine train ride. Itís the only ride I wanted to ride all day. Do you think they will fix it soon?
Mommy: I hope so. Weíll go see in just a few minutes, ok?

Jon Michael: Ok Mommy.

The Dahlonega Main Train Ride, who would have thought this ride would make such an impression on Jon Michael. Not long after arriving at the park, Jon Michael noticed the roller coasters. He so wanted to ride one, but he was too short for many of them. Then we found the Mine Train. Not too short of this one. Lisa, Jon Michael, and I got in line to ride the train. However after a few minutes, something was wrong. The cars werenít moving. An announcement came on that said the ride wasnít working but would be soon. We could wait, or we could come back later. We opted to come back later in the afternoon. Jon Michael wasnít happy, but a ride on the Sky buckets helped. That afternoon we walked back to the Mine Train Ride, and it was working!

(After the ride)
Mommy: Jon Michael, how has your day been?
Jon Michael: Itís been great! The Mine Train is the goodest ride at Six Flags!!!! Did you hear me scream as we went fast?! That was so fast!