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Journaling Reads: November 14, 2006. Intel Night
at OMSI. One of the many “perks” of being an Intel
employee is that we get to attend events for
free when Intel sponsers them. This was our
family’s first trip to OMSI. Everyone enjoyed the
main showcase on STAR WARS. Alex was
impressed as we were greeted by a Storm-
Trooper at the venue entrance, but fortunatley
for us he was very friendly and even let
Mark hold his weapon for a picture!

There was a full size cockpit replica of the
Millennium Falcon, an orginial Yoda puppet
from the classic trilogy and Darth Vader’s
actual helmet from Episode III.

The venue wasn’t all about science fiction,
there was a large exhibit on robots and how
they help people get around and do things
they couldn’t normally do without the help
of robotics. We even got to test our some of
our own solutions to real world challenges.

Credits: Idea from "Katie the Scrapbook Lady's January Amazing Month of Memories. at
C3PO Star Wars greeting from website
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