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I have been wanting to do a 100% fabric and lace book for quite some time. This is my first attempt. The textiles are vintage and new. My DD took all the beautiful photos for me and although the edges are softened, the book is exactly as shown. The colors are Blush, soft pinks, creams and whites. I had no direction when I started. It just kind of took on it's own personality. After the cover was done I realized just what I could use it for: All the lovely stick pins from my wonderful friends! Although its full I have many more that were just too large to put in. Even though the book is very flexible. It measures about 4" x 6". I also incorporated some other items that were gifted to me so they my be familiar to you. I printed my images onto fabric and then attached. I used felt in between the layers and again in the pockets so I would not get stuck! Darling Daughter took photos of the book with out and with the stick pins as well as some close ups so you can see the many layers and textures. I really LOVE how it turned out! In fact I have already started another one that is even smaller. All for a bigger purpose. I have been collecting Vintage french textiles and lace for years that I'm wanting to make a book with but thought I would start small and teach myself the do's and don'ts before that one. TFL!