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I made this journal to hold the story of me inside. What inspired, guided, or gave me strength to become who I am today. I will be filling it with my favorite inspirational passages, quotes, poems, music, photos and stories. I wanted to leave something behind that would show my DD and DGS as well as future generations that I was more than a wife, mother, or mawmaw. That I dreamed, had many trials and monumental moments, never gave up, and took risks. All that define me. Just a lifetime of moments! One of the earliest bits of inspiration that started my journey through life came from my Grandmother. At 9 years old when my small little life was so uncertain she said "When you find yourself, everything else will work". I can not begin tell you how that statement impacted my entire Journey and I still live by those words of wisdom! The book measures about 5 1/2" x 8" x 2" and has 92 pages including inserts, pockets, flaps and hidden areas within those. I made 3 separate tags to go in as well. Had so much ephemera it was hard to decide what to use but in the end I choose practicality and beauty. I could not load all 92 pages but this is a good representation of the book. I used Vintage lace and trims throughout book and kept the cover flat so it would be easy for writing. The spine and back are covered with the same lace as front. I did not want things to stick out all over on this one. That way I can make a matching box to put it in. I coffee stained (ty Pam for the instructions on that) all the pps, tags, and die cuts that I used and also washed pps with ink to age or dirty up. I made the cover and spine with cardboard, felt, fabric, then lace. My 3 signatures, well lets just say I am learning. The book is not perfect which is great because life is not perfect but both have beauty! Sorry for fingers in the pics but the book was really hard to photograph. It is a work in progress! TFL!