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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Hello friends~ I am still trying to get used to the changes that took place here on; things like no more PC's, etc.
I hope all of you know How MUCH I appreciate your visits and kindness! My mojo has been absent for many months now, and so I'm not here real often -
But also, I work full-time and so that is also a factor.
Some of you I have known since first finding! but all of you feel like 'old friends' to me~

Here is a pic of me (top rgt), 2 of my sis's (I have 3 still living) and my mother. Mom passed away in July of 2018.
I wanted to do something with this photo - but I'm not good with full size L/O's! 12"X12" seems like 'so much' real estate! lol
So here's a small l/o with a mix of papers and embels;
I included a button and thread; my mom was a fine seamstress~ Prills, washi tape, micro-beads, bits of lace...
I appreciate your visit!! Thank you for peeking in~