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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

When I got my DCWV Zodiac paper and saw this moon, I immediately saw this in my mind. I also knew I wanted to use this photo of Jasmine at the Caribbean in 2018 with it. Of course I could have used a sun setting into the water, but that isn't as fun and cool as it being the moon instead. Why not make it out of this world, whimsical and totally different. I went digging into some of my old calendars to find one of his I kept just for scrapping. It was from 2003. I cut most of all this marine life from it. I hand made the seaweed and rocks. I have more details on my blog.
This is the copy I am selling.

Thank you Dria for your suggestions and genius! xo

Jasmine in the Caribbean while visiting El Salvador 2018.