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Ireland culture & country is one of the most heart-warming places in the world! There; lives awesome leprechauns that will grant you wishes no matter if it's St. Patrick's day or not! lol
It's all year around that these small fellows with funky hats stand with one eye closed & one eye open very still waiting for you to speak out your wish. lmao
Go ahead lad or lass, Craic make a wish you might just get lucky. lol lol
With a bit of cunning and a lot of luck, it is said that if you catch a leprechaun, he will tell you where his pot of gold is hidden.

Leprechaun : [narrating what he may say to you] I'll not rest till I have me gold. Curse this well that me soul shall dwell, till I find me magic that breaks me spell.

There is strength in unity or we are better together. It is telling us that we can do more if we work together. Let's celebrate St. Paddy's on the 17th.

What are some cool Irish words?
Fáilte Welcome
Abhainn River
Draíocht Magic
Aisling Dream
Suaimhneas Peace
Grá Love
Meala Honey
Saoirse Freedom
Thanks in advance for looking, commenting if any, favoring. Ciao